Find emergency medical coverage for your event!

We are “The People the Pros Trust”. Stadium Medical is the premiere service for emergency medical standby for your next event. Through constant collaboration and communication, we work with you to help identify what your medical standby needs are, the best way to integrate our teams into yours and logistical planning for optimal coverage. We provide enhanced customer service outside of medical coverage through familiarization with your venue and staff.

No event is too small or too large. We provide services ranging from small and private events to those the size of a small city. No matter what the attendance, we provide the personalized touch to ensure your event is set up for success.


Levels of Service

Single EMT coverage with Basic Life Support STAT pack

Single Paramedic coverage with Advanced Life Support STAT pack

Single or multiple ambulance coverage staffed with a Paramedic and EMT

Roaming teams of EMTs and Paramedics

Bike teams

Athletic Trainers

Event supervisor

Gator Utility Vehicles

Medical supply trailer

Mobile and Medical Incident Command center with dispatchers

Supervisor pick-up truck


Arranging EMS STandby

Not sure where to start planning for emergency medical standby or what your needs are for your event? We will take the planning and staffing off your plate. Whether it be planning for paramedics, EMTs, ATCs, ambulances or first aid stations, let our experts in event planning help you determine your needs for the demographics of your event.

Contact the Special Events Manager at or 720.630.2030 with a completed form or your event date, time and information below for us to best cater to you.

Our proactive approach ensures that you are prepared. Based on the nature and demographics, number of anticipated patrons, if alcohol is being served and the location of the event, we provide suggestions on the level of service that would best fit your needs.

We will then provide you with a quote for medical coverage then add to our schedule for us to staff with employees that enjoy your type of event and set aside equipment.


Before your event

We enjoy the opportunity to be in constant communication with you via phone, e-mail or in person on updates or changes to your event.

We help in determining the ideal locations for first aid, most beneficial layouts for medical requirements and provide feedback of what medical equipment would serve the best purpose and where.

We can partner with you on preparing for the best and worst case scenarios. We also collaborate with local agencies and services to ensure all resources are informed and prepared.

Stadium Medical is proactive in notifying nearby hospitals about events so that they can be prepared.


What to Expect at your Event

We come prepared for adverse weather conditions, overtime situations or event cancellations.

We pride ourselves on being earlier than the time you expect us to report to you. When we arrive, we check in with the on-site contact to work with them on logistics.

Our staff is engaged in the event. We roam the event and provide assistance as needed. We become integral team members with your staff, whether that be report writers, managers, or security.


After your event

After the event, we wait to be cleared by the on-site contact. Our work continues by ensuring equipment and ambulances are prepared for the next shift.

We want to hear from you after your event! You will receive a short survey and have an opportunity to provide your feedback.

We take your needs seriously. While we have been in business of providing specialized standby services since 2000, you are never just a number to us.